Necrorgy - Emptiness - Necrorgy (CDr)

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  2. Following their inception, EMPTINESS first released the two demos ‘Eternal Rising’ () and ‘Necrorgy’ () that received a remarkable welcome in the underground. Yet with each new album, ‘Guilty to Exist’ (), ‘Oblivion’ (), ‘Error’ (), and ‘Nothing but the Whole’, the Belgians were also increasingly leaving a mark in mainstream music press.
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  5. Jeremie Bezier (bass, vocals), Jonas Sanders (drums), Olivier j. L.W. (guitar, synthesizer, vocals), Khapth (drums, ), Zykorph (guitar, ), Glaurung.
  6. Two demo releases ‘Eternal Rising’ () and ‘Necrorgy’ () were followed by a string of albums very well received in the underground and increasingly beyond: ‘Guilty To Exist’ (), ‘Oblivion’ (), ‘Error’ (), and ‘Nothing But The Whole’ (). EMPTINESS prefer to express their biography in a different manner.
  7. Country of origin: Norway Location: Skien, Vestfold Og Telemark Status: Unknown Formed in: Genre: Melodic Black Metal Lyrical themes: N/A Last label.
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