Renaissance Rendezvous - Various - Minimalism 2 (CD)

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  1. In the arrangement of Duke Ellington's "The Mooche" on Jerome Harris's Rendezvous, recorded by John Atkinson (CD, Stereophile STPH), Marty Ehrlich's alto sax solo was bloomy, and Arthur Baron's trombone solo emerged from the blackness of the recording venue with a startlingly realistic dynamic envelope. Voices, too, shone through this speaker.
  2. The Renaissance followed on from the Middle Ages and was for musicians an era of discovery, innovation and exploration - the name means ‘rebirth’. It covers the music from to In the Middle Ages, music was dominated by the Church.
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  4. Apr 24,  · UK Progressive House label founded in by club Renaissance's founder Geoff Oakes. Went into administration ("Chapter 11") on September 14, and the back catalogue was sold to Phoenix Music International Ltd. later in Company previously in charge was Renaissance Recordings. After a year of inactivity, it was announced.
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  7. Renaissance Recordings is a British record label, founded by the club Renaissance in It went into administration in September and the back catalogue was sold to Phoenix Music International Ltd. After a year of inactivity, in July it was announced that Renaissance had been reborn, with founder and original owner Geoff Oakes once again guiding the brand.

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